Double Sided Quarter
Real quarter with both sides the same!

Double Sided Quarter


Real quarter with both sides "Heads" or both "Tails"


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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Heads or Tails
Either heads or tails

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You can't lose!


This is a real U.S. quarter, machined so that both sides are the same (either both sides are "HEADS" or both sides are "TAILS").
A sneaky way to win a bet every time!

Please choose HEADS or TAILS when ordering.
Sorry- no choice of dates.
We ship what is IN STOCK.

PLEASE NOTE: The dates on each side of the HEADS coin will be different.
The coins are made by taking two real quarters, slicing them in half, and melding two HEADS parts together.
The coins that are used in this process never seem to have the same dates, so expect that the dates on each side will be different.
In other words, one side might be a 1982 and the other side a 1986.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • one double sided U.S. quarter coin
  • NO instructions

Coin only- you supply the trick or routine.
Coin is made from real U.S. quarter coins.
Specify HEADS or TAILS when ordering.
Dates on the HEADS coin will be different from each other.

Tips & Ideas


Make sure you don't spend the trick coin by mistake!
Keep your trick coins safe and separate from other coins.
Keep them in a COIN CARRIER.
See the different styles of coin carriers and cases for sale here.

Performance Ideas:

Here is a routine for you! This will work with ANY of our double sided coins.
Start with two real quarters and one double head quarter in your right pocket and two real quarters plus a double tail quarter in your left pocket.
Ask your friend if he would like to play a game.
Have your friend call out Heads or Tails. Let's say he picks Tails.
You tell him you have three coins in your pocket. You are going to take them out and drop them on the table.
If all three coins are Tails, he wins. If all three are Heads, you'll win.
Since he called Tails, you'll take the three coins out of your RIGHT pocket (the one with the double head coin).
Drop the three coins on the table. You have a one in three chance of winning. Your friend has ZERO chance!
You can keep picking up and dropping the coins until you win.
Of course, if he had called Heads, you would use the coins in your LEFT pocket.
Winner winner chicken dinner!!

Rewards Points

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