Double Faced Cards Pack
Playing card deck printed with faces on both sides

Double Faced Cards Pack


Pack of playing cards with regular faces on both sides!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Two faced cards! You need 'em- we've got 'em!

Need playing cards with FACES on either side? This is the deck you are looking for!

This is a special pack of cards with faces printed on both sides of each card.
The assortment of card faces are random.
Some cards have different faces on each side.
Some cards have the same face on both sides.
Some cards have a numbered or court card on one side, and a blank face on the other side.
The faces include court cards, numbered cards, Aces, Jokers and blank cards.
Manufactured by U.S. Playing Card Co., maker of the Bicycle brand cards.
Card faces and card stock match Bicycle brand cards.

THE ASSORTMENT AND PAIRS IN EACH PACK OF CARDS MAY BE DIFFERENT- depending on what the manufacturer is currently making and ships to us.
Sorry- no choice of specific cards or specific pairs of faces.
Sorry- to make sure each customer gets a fresh deck, we cannot open decks to search through them for specific cards or pairs.

Matches Poker size Bicycle decks and comes in a Bicycle box.

Please note: this is a pack of cards only.
No instructions.

Of course, these cards do not have a back design- they are FACES on both sides.

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