Double Clear Prediction Bag
See-thru force bag puts you in complete control!

Double Clear Prediction Bag


Clear double force bag gives you so many possibilities!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Clearly a step above! It's a DOUBLE force!


Need to switch cards or messages IN FULL VIEW of your audience??
Want to force your volunteer to select a specific card or slip of paper?
Want to use TWO spectators choosing DIFFERENT cards or papers?
Use this incredible Double Clear Prediction Bag!

Let your FIRST spectator reach into this clear bag, full of all different messages on pieces of paper.
Then immediately let your SECOND spectator also reach into the bag and choose a paper.
YOU KNOW which message EACH PERSON will choose, every time!

Or for the mentalist- use the bag to deliver notes using the "one ahead method"- in full view!

Or have a supposedly random name drawn out of the bag, but you know in advance whose name it will be (like the boss' name, or the birthday child), and you can make a great comedy routine out of it!

It's a FORCE BAG that you can "see thru"- and you can use TWO different spectators each choosing a different message or paper at a time!
It's a real fooler, and it's very, very easy to use!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Double Clear Prediction Bag
  • printed instructions

You supply the items to be used in the bag.
Bag is about 9" long, and 5" wide.

Customer Reviews

They'll Never See It Coming!
I used this in a New Year's Eve show to force two items for a transposition routine (one item ended up inside the other). It killed! Afterwards the lady I had asked to pull out the billets kept saying but each one was different, I read them! I have so many ideas for this bag and can't wait to try them all!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tennessee. on 1/9/2020

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