Double Backed Cards
Card deck printed with Bicycle back designs on both sides!
All three options shown for illustration only

Double Backed Cards


Pack of playing cards with regular Bicycle backs on both sides!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Choose Options and Quantity

Choose Back Colors
Any combo
Both sides RED
Both sides BLUE
One side RED one side BLUE

Stunning card effects are now possible!


This deck of cards has back designs on BOTH sides- no faces.
It is NOT a deck that does tricks.
It is basically a deck of specially printed cards.
This deck is for magicians who have a need for DOUBLE BACK CARDS.

If you don't know what Double Back cards are used for, this item is not for you.

Use a card or two from this deck along with a regular deck of cards to perform some terrific card effects.
Get some great ideas from classic works on card magic like Royal Road To Card Magic which is available from us as a book or on DVD (see recommendations below).

When you order, you have the choice of a deck with:

  • BLUE backs on both sides OR
  • RED backs on both sides OR
  • RED on one side and BLUE on the other

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • deck of playing cards with BOTH sides BACKS
  • no printed instructions

Cards only- no instructions.
Choose RED/RED, RED/BLUE or BLUE/BLUE when ordering.
You supply your own trick or routine.
Cards are Poker size, with Bicycle back design.

More Video

History and Trivia:

The first double backed cards commercially sold to magicians were for the Two Card Monte trick, marketed by Theodore L. Deland around 1910.

Interested in magic history?
Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

Rewards Points

Buy this item - get 14 Rewards Points!

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