Make YELLOW spots appear and multiply on this jumbo domino card!



Make YELLOW spots appear and multiply on this jumbo domino card!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Favorite effect that delivers a great surprise ending!


And this one has VIBRANT YELLOW spots- really shows up from a distance!
The spots are really FLAT and strong, too!

Show your crowd this two-sided giant black domino card, with a single spot on one side and four spots on the other.
Turn the domino card back to the first side- now there are THREE spots instead of one!
Turn it over again, and now there are SIX spots instead of four!
If that's not amazing enough, you pretend to "teach the secret" to the audience.
Just when they think they know how it's done- there are now EIGHT spots on the card!

Incredibly easy to do- if you can hold the card in your hands, you can do the trick!

This is a different and unique version of the popular Hopping Spots or What's Next or Surprising Dots effect.
Put this one in your show NOW!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Dots Great
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Black metal board with yellow spots.

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