Domino Monte
The Monte con game- with dominos!

Domino Monte


The Monte con game- with dominos!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

One of the most unusual pocket magic effects you'll ever see!

VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES- we bought all they had!

If you think Three Card Monte is fun, wait until you see THIS!

Even though this one really looks impossible, it's easy!
The dominoes do all the work!

The effect is the classic Monte routine- no matter where they think the key domino is located, they are always WRONG!
You are in complete control!

This is a really clever magic trick- and so very EASY!
If you can lift up the domino, you can do the trick!

This is NOT the optical illusion version of this trick!
This is an improved mechanical version- you don't have to be concerned with viewing angle anymore!

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