You've asked a bunch of questions about the Monticup doggies, so here's an inside peek!
With the office/warehouse located in a building on our property, it's just a short walk to work.
Of course, the dogs are a big part of our day!

So here is how a typical day goes at it's all about the dogs...


Joseph Attanasio

Date 8/10/2020

Really sweet! It's obvious that you and Jackie are dog lovers and take delight in having those companions around you all day. My wife and I have had whippets, generally two at a time. Right now, though, we have only one and she just turned 13. Joe

Mr. G.

Date 8/10/2020

How cute to have such a loyal staff and body guards around. Had no idea you both care for so many critters. Hats off to you both. Where do you find the stamina for everything??? They appear well trained. Great job!!

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