In 2014, I was approached by a pair of filmmakers who were planning out their next project.
Jason Lappa and Matt Manzano had actually met me fifteen years prior, when I still had my brick and mortar magic shop, magic Tricks, operating at the University of Virginia "Corner" in Charlottesville.
The two thought I would make an interesting subject for a short documentary.
Would I be up for it? I'm a performer! Did they really have to ask??

Shot over a period of a month or so, this documentary short is the result.
Not only did they let me talk about my background in magic, they also let me show up some of my antique magic collection.
Best of all, they wanted me to play the background music for the film.
Yes, that's me on the piano, playing "The Entertainer"!


Mr. G.

Date 5/18/2020

Simply amazing film! Great rendition of Scott Joplin music too. Loved the whole concept and the history of a magicians life. Starting at such a young age too! Really thought you looked dashing in your purple jacket while playing the piano. Or was that an illusion??? Thanks again for sharing. Really Peter, why not write a book of your magical adventures and the motivation behind the magician? You would have to include your pictures at various stages of your career! Simply amazing career...

Spencer Farmans

Date 5/20/2020

Peter- this was quite nicely done. I believe there are many of your regular customers curious about your background. And you provide it all here in an engaging Monticup montage. I especially enjoyed the music. Interesting that you would "give all the magic up to play music better." I think your music is just splendid! So, please don't give up the magic. I loved your build -up routine to the Invisible Deck. I, too, do the trick on stage with a jumbo deck. I've looked everywhere for an oversize mesh bag for that deck but I've abased myself to no avail. (Although I did see one used on a visit to The Magic Castle, and it was used with the same trick. So, I've gone to a Squared Circle to produce the deck, and it works just fine. Thank you again, Peter, for all the wonderful, selfless contributions you are making. You are a wonderful entertainer, raconteur, magician, and musician. As Orson Welles once said to an audience, "Why are there so many of me and so few of you?" Thank you, as ever, Spencer

Rocco Guerrera

Date 6/2/2020

Very entertaining thanks for sharing with us Peter..

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