DISCONTINUED Original Disecto
Harmlessly chop through your spectator's arm- but cut a carrot in two!

DISCONTINUED Original Disecto


Harmlessly chop through your spectator's arm!


Age Adults   Level 2

Demo Video

The famous ORIGINAL Arm Chopper!


Not a knockoff- this is the ORIGINAL design, complete with the "see thru" feature!

Slice and Dice with DISECTO!
Yes, this chops a carrot, but leaves your volunteer's arm unharmed.
And the blade is always in view!

Demonstrate Disecto by cutting carrots placed both in the top hole and the wrist hole of Disecto.
Yes, the carrots will be sliced!
The volunteer now puts his hand through the wrist hole, and he is secured in.
Place more carrots in the top hole and through the bottom hole.
Your volunteer is nervous now!
Push Disecto's steel blade through the carrot in the top hole, slicing it in half!
Continue pushing the blade right through the volunteer's wrist, and chop the carrot in the bottom hole!
Of course, the carrots are sliced, but the volunteer is unharmed.

This one can be performed surrounded!

There is only one blade, and it is always in view.
You can even see the blade as it passes by the holes!

And the paint work is fantastic- really vivid and colorful. A work of art!


WAREHOUSE FIND- expect some minor paint blemishes.
These are the ORIGINAL design, not available for some time.
They have been stored, and thus there may be some slight blemishes to the paint.
Take a look at the product photo to see what we mean.
The mechanism works perfectly!
Here is your chance to own the ORIGINAL design Disecto!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Disecto
  • easy printed instructions

And that's all you need!
You supply the ordinary carrots, if you want to use them.

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