My Magic Adventures: Dirk Is Back!

Posted by Peter Monticup on 6/14/2020 to My Life In Magic

Our good friend Dirk is back!

Well, he didn't really go away.
He lives just across the street from us, way out here in the country.

But with the current situation, we have not seen each other for THREE MONTHS!
We have all been faithfully following guidelines, and finally today we could enjoy working together again.
Properly socially distanced, of course. :-)

We sure missed him!


Date 6/15/2020
Joe Attanasio
Now I know who that nice man in the demonstration videos are! Nice to meet you, Dirk Joe
Date 6/16/2020
Vincent La Padula
"I burned 3.000 calories yesterday" - I used that joke immediately after watching this vid. Thanks for helping me stay sane through the current normal. Welcome back Dirk. All the best to you, Peter & Jackie. Magic Lives!.
Date 6/16/2020
Mr. G.
Date 6/16/2020
Mr. G.
What a GREAT surprise to see Dirk again. Such a great backdrop also! Neighbors and friends, what more could one want? Best reunion I have seen since March! Hope to see more interaction with the dynamic trio - Jackie, Peter and Dirk! Thanks for the smile, again!!!
Date 7/6/2020
Janine :)
Yay!!! I love Dirk.

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