Dice Tunnel
Make a die change numbers inside a tube!

Dice Tunnel


Make a die change numbers inside a tube!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Instant magic out of your pocket!

Let this clever tunnel do the work for you!

It's fast and simple- but you can build your routine to be as long as you want!

Just put the die into one end of the tunnel.
Note the number that is on the face of the die.
Slide the die through the tube, and when it comes out the other end-
This can be INSTANTLY repeated again and again!
You can start with ANY of the six numbers on the die!
No secret setup!

This is a clever piece of magic equipment that can even be incorporated into a math lesson!
Shows up well for a small group or classroom!

Color of the tube may vary, depending on what the manufacturer is currently shipping.

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