Super Feather Flower Botania
Produce a giant colorful flower bush instantly! NO SKILL!

Super Feather Flower Botania


Produce a giant bush of colorful flowers instantly! Absolutely no skill needed!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Incredibly easy and very colorful!


These are VERY hard to find- when we finally get some, we can't keep them in stock!

An attention-getting way to open or close your show!

Start by showing the empty narrow cylinder, and place it on a table (or even hold it in your hands).
At your command, you lift the tube and INSTANTLY a LARGE and SHOWY bouquet of flowers appears!
And yes, it's THAT FAST!

Another way to present this flower miracle is to show a single pretty flower (not included, but you can use any flower, real or artificial), and place it into the cyclinder.
When you lift the cyclinder, the single flower has magically transformed into the full bouquet of colorful flowers!

This flashy and impressive trick is extremely easy to perform, and shows up well at a distance.
It can be performed at close range as well, or even surrounded!
Best of all, it sets up quickly and easily.

Because your Botania had to be shipped in its tube, it will NOT be at its fullest when you first take it out of the tube!

The feathers compress a bit during shipping because they are packed tightly inside the tube.
This is to be expected.
But please be assured the feathers WILL fluff out after you unpack them from the tube.
As soon as you receive your Botania, please OPEN IT UP.
Take the Botania OUT OF THE TUBE and let the feathers "breathe".
It may take a few days for the feathers to fluff out like the Botania we show in the demo.

Your Botania should always be stored outside of the tube, never left packed up inside the tube for long periods of time.
Each Botania is stored OPEN in our warehouse.
Peter Monticup personally packs each Botania just before it leaves
He wants to make sure each Botania is a good one!
He wants to make sure each Botania is safely packed inside the tube.
And he wants to make sure each Botania spends the least amount of time possible inside the tube.
So when you receive it, please remove it from the tube and give it time to fluff out again.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Super Botania (full botania, cover tube, base)
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Wonderful way to add color to your show- and make it look bigger! Produce the botania at the start of your show, and leave it out on a side table throughout the show. Looks great!
Propose with style! Attach the engagement ring to the center of the botania. As she watches, drop a single flower into the tube. Lift the tube, and the flower has changed to a big bouquet of flowers- with the ring in the middle!

How To Care For Feather Flowers:

Feather flowers like these are made from REAL turkey feathers, dyed and tied into flower shapes.
With a bit of care, these feather flowers will easily last for many years of use.

  • Handle your flowers gently!
    Remember, these are HAND TIED bunches of REAL feathers.
  • Store your feather flowers OPEN.
    In other words, don't wrap them up and store them.
    Prop them up in a vase or other container, and drape a light cloth over them to keep the dust off.
  • DO NOT wash your feather flowers or get them wet.
    You can lightly shake them to remove dust.
  • Fluff them gently with your fingers if needed.
  • Feather flowers will shed!
    This is normal.
    Remember, these are HAND TIED bunches of REAL feathers.
  • Feather flowers may arrive compressed.
    This is normal.
    It may take a few days for the flowers to fully fluff out on their own after shipping.
    Put them in a vase upright and let them "breathe" to open after shipping.

Customer Reviews

This is even bigger than it looks in the video. Thanks for the tips about how to take care of the flowers. They do shed a little, but I have had other flowers made of the feathers and they shed too. When I use these flowers in my show I find that it is more about the surprise that the flowers appear than it is that it fools you on how they appear. I also took your suggestion about keeping them on a side stand for the rest of my show to make it look more colorful. That was a great idea. I use these flowes for almost every show I do.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from FL. on 10/23/2015

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