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Antique Booklet - DE LA MANO Souvenir Book
Souvenir book from 1877, with magic tricks, from magician De La Mano!

Antique Booklet - DE LA MANO Souvenir Book


Incredible antique hand-tinted souvenir book, with magic tricks!



Please note: this is NOT a reproduction- this is an authentic piece printed in 1877!

Own a piece of magic history! Traveling magician DeLaMano sold these quirky souvenir books after his shows. To find any souvenir book from a 19th century magician is extremely rare- to have one in this condition is incredible! Take a peek into the past!

The DeLaMano Souvenir Book is gorgeous pocket-size booklet, with a hand-tinted and hand-lacquered cover. Inside, you'll learn the secrets to dozens of magic tricks you can do (even though some sound pretty strange 135 years later)!

The DeLaMano material was discovered in 1987 by Peter Monticup, the owner of MagicTricks.com. Locked away in a trunk and hidden for over 100 years in the rafters of a barn in upstate New York, these advertising materials provide a rare link to the incredible story of a 19th century traveling magician.Read all about DeLaMano and the amazing discovery of his posters and personal magic items. This book was found still carefully wrapped in the original printer's invoice dated 1877.

Condition: excellent- near mint, never opened. You will be surprised that this is over 100 years old! So beautiful that you may want to frame yours!

Please note: this is NOT a reproduction- this is an authentic piece printed in 1877!

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