Deep Clear - Paul Harris
Their thought-of word appears printed on the cards in your wallet!

Deep Clear - Paul Harris


Their thought-of word appears printed on the cards in your wallet!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

An absolutely jawdroppingly astounding trick!


Your spectator names ANY word that's short, and does not contain any repeating letters.
Easy enough, right?

Wait- WHAT??
You mean that the spectator just THINKS of the word, and when the cards are removed from the wallet, the letters on the back of the cards SPELL THAT EXACT WORD??
YES! It is THAT astounding!

This gem is from the incredible mind of the legendary Paul Harris.
As he explains it:
A window-ID-wallet VISIBLY holding a small packet of cards is placed on the table.
The spectator FREELY calls out a short, favorite word or name. It can even be a nonsense word!
You slowly slide out the cards inside the wallet.
As you lay out the cards one by one, each of them has a letter drawn on the back.
The letters spell out the spectator's word!

There is NO FORCE.
The spectator can call out any simple word, even a made-up word.
And THAT'S what is truly astonishing.

There is no doubt that this effect will FLOOR your audience.
After all, it's from Paul Harris!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Deep Clear (wallet and card deck)
  • ONLINE video instructions from the manufacturer

And that's all you need!

Cards are Poker size with Bicycle back design.

Tips & Ideas

Promo Video from Paul Harris:

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