You predict EXACTLY which cards will be in the spectator's chosen pile!
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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Plays equally well for a closeup group or a full stage audience!
Use one spectator- use multiple spectators!

The best way to appreciate this incredible effect is to watch the demo video above.
Describing it in words just does not do it justice.
This is a stunner!

Basically, you are allowing your spectator to choose a random number of cards and mix those cards between two halves of the deck.
After several such shuffles, the spectator chooses one of the shuffled halfs.
You produce a small pile of business cards that have your promotional information on one side (clever advertising!) and a series of predictions you have written on the backs.
As you reveal each prediction, it is clear that you knew EXACTLY which cards would end up in the spectator's pile!

Watch it and be amazed!

Of course, what you are purchasing is the online instruction video that Peter Monticup made to teach you exactly how to set up and perform this great closeup or stage trick.

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Here's what you'll need:

  • FULL deck of regular playing cards
  • several slips of paper or business cards (need one side to be blank)

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