SOLD Daryl's Jumping Knot - PREOWNED

SOLD Daryl's Jumping Knot - PREOWNED


White knot jumps to red rope, then blends into it!





This is the one where the knot comes right off the rope and appears on the other rope! And then blends completely into the other rope!!

We got this item from a magician who barely used it!
And since it is off the market now, you won't easily find another one, especially in this gently used condition!

This great rope trick was marketed by the well-known closeup magician Daryl.
The Jumping Knot was a classic magic trick, but a little fiddly to perform.
For decades in the mid-20th century, this effect was sold as The Jumping Rope Of India.
The well-known magician Daryl reworked this classic effect and marketed it as The Jumping Rope Of Pakistan.

The effect is this:
You hold a red rope and a white rope.
You tie a knot in the white rope, and suddenly the white knot jumps from the white rope onto a red rope!
You then slide that white knot completely off the red rope, then toss it back onto the red rope.
For the amazing finish, you place your hand over the white knot.
When you remove your hand, the white knot has dissolved and has become a permanently blended white section of the red rope!

CONDITION: gently used

Daryl's Jumping Knot is made of cotton rope.

Click to see a larger photo of the Daryl Jumping Knot.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Daryl's Jumping Knot (all ropes and knot needed)
  • printed instructions

CONDITION: very gently used

Trick is made from cotton rope.

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