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Lucille Barnett

The Mystifying Miss

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Daphne Lucille Barnett

Daphne Lucille Barnett

Lucille Barnette Performs

  • 1924-?
  • Real Name: Daphne Lucille Barnett
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: England
  • Buried: ?

Daphne Lucille Barnett was a child prodigy, and in more than one area. She was an accomplished professional magician, plus she was a magic collector on a world-class level.

A very quick learner and dedicated to hard practice, Lucille was taught by her father, magician and book dealer Jack Barnett. She was also a favored student of Ellis Stanyon.

Her professional career got a huge boost at age 14, when Horace Goldin became her mentor and promoter. Introducing her during his London stage shows, she became an instant sensation.

Not only did she amaze public audiences, but she impressed the magic community as well, being the youngest female magician to ever perform before the Scottish Magical Convention. She was also invited to perform for the Magic Circle members.

That year, 1938, she was also the subject of a Bristish Pathe film short, performing a clever rope routine. Courtesy of, you can view the video to the left.

In the late 1930's, she wrote a number of articles for the popular magic magazines.

During the war years, Lucille joined a number of U.S.O. tours, performing her wonderful magical manipulations for the Allied troops.

However, the most astounding accomplishment was the incredible collection of rare books and ephemera she was able to compile within a few short years. When book dealer Rex Conklin organized the auction of her collection, he wrote this introduction: "This ingenious girl genius found time to acquire priceless collections of Magicanna and realted items including thousands of books, numerous rare and early prints pertaining to Magic and Witchcraft, a unique collection of old Playing Cards, Tokens, etc."

The set of four auction catalogs, detailing the rare items "From the collections assembled by Daphne "Lucille" Barnett, famed bibliophile and Magicienne of London, England", are themselves collectible today.

Her own business address was 47, Gordon Mansions, London, W.C.1.

Sometime in the 1940's, Lucille married and moved to the United States.

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