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Cyril Yettmah


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Cyril Yettmah poster

  • 1883-1949
  • Real Name: Cyril Yettmah
  • Birthday: ?
  • Birthplace: England
  • Buried: ?

Cyril Yettmah was an English illusionist and innovator.

He was performing on London stages as early as 1903. Cyril often performed an Oriental-themed act, dressed as a Japanese conjurer.

By 1909, he was performing his original effect called Pidgeon Catching; a version of that trick is still performed today.

The wonderful Lady From the Light illusion is also thought to be his creation.

In 1918 and in 1919, his name appeared on the bill at St. George's Hall.

From 1928 to 1930, he worked exclusively for Howard Thurston as his illusion builder.

In 1931, he also worked briefly for Charles Carter.

Unfortunately, his workshop burned in 1931, destroying all of his props and manufacturing equipment.

He was able to recover financially by returning to the stage with his own illusion show.

Cyril was married to Suzette Yettmah, also a professional magician. Like her husband, Suzette often performed an Oriental-themed act.


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