86 DISCONTINUED Customizable Closeup Case
Design your own closeup case!

86 DISCONTINUED Customizable Closeup Case


Design your own closeup case- enjoy compact storage with a customizable foam insert!


Ages 13 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

BRILLIANT IDEA! How did you get along without one??


A sturdy, handsome, durable and compact case to store and transport your closeup effects!
And you can customize the inside to hold EXACTLY what you need!

Specifically created for the demands of the working magician and the serious hobbyist, the most unique feature of this case is its "DESIGN YOUR OWN" interior.
The "Pick N Pluck" foam insert has multiple cuts in it, strategically placed so you can remove small sections of foam to create custom compartments for your particular tricks.
Need to change the design you made?
No worry- just pop the foam bits back in and start over!

This compact case is DEFINITELY THE ANSWER to keeping your closeup tricks neatly organized, safe and ready to perform!

No more searching for all the parts to a trick- keep them stored snugly together in this case!

No more scratched and dented tricks- keep them from rattling around in the case when you transport them to your next show!

No more frustrating bulk from having to wrap your props in cloths to keep them safe!

Perfect for the table-hopping magician, this compact performing case is definitely made for quickly moving from table to table.
Of course, this case is also perfect for the hobbyist magician who just wants to stay organized!

The inside measures 7 inches by 11 inches by 3 inches deep.
For reference, a regular sheet of paper is 8.5 inches by 11 inches.
The flexible foam insert is 7 inches by 11 inches by 1.5 inches deep.
Case weighs about 2 pounds.
Built to last!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Customized Closeup Case
  • foam insert
  • printed instructions

Black case is hard-sided, with metal reinforced corners.
It is about 11" long, 7" wide and 3" deep.
Case weighs about two pounds.
You supply the items to store inside the case. No other items are included.

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

Use a Closeup Pad to transform the top of your case into a performing surface. Choose any of our Closeup Pads below, and cut it to fit your case with a pair of ordinary scissors. The pad can be rolled up to fit inside the case. When you are ready to perform, roll out the pad and place it on top of the case. You can move from spot to spot at an event, and perform right on top of the case, protecting your cards and props from any wetness or stickiness that might be on the tables. And by using a Closeup Pad, you'll feel more secure in your performance because your props won't accidentally slip around on the top of the case- they will stay right where you put them. When you are finished performing, just roll up the pad and put it in your case for storage.


Q: What are the dimensions of this magic case?
Asked by: Kolton - 7/15/2015
A: It is about 11" long, 7" wide and 3" deep. Answer provided by:  MagicTricks.com (7/15/2015)

Customer Reviews

Exactly, as peter's descript
This case made in good quality. First, i was little hesitate to buy cuz it is little pricy! However, the case made in good quality easy to custmizing. Now, my desk is cealned. ^_^ Thank you peter~
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from CA. on 3/24/2016

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