Cup and Coins + ONLINE VIDEO
One cup, a few coins- and lots of magic!

Cup and Coins + ONLINE VIDEO


One cup, a few coins- and lots of magic!
Includes exclusive ONLINE VIDEO tutorial


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Bonus Video

Watch the online instruction video here

Comes with our online instruction video!
(available after you buy this trick from us)

PASSWORD REQUIRED - password link is EMAILED TO YOU on your Order Confirmation
Peter Monticup created an online instruction video EXCLUSIVELY for our customers who purchase this trick!
After you receive your password, watch the ONLINE VIDEO right here. Just CLICK THE RED ARROW above!



We wish we could get more- but we only have a few!
And the routine is exclusive to!

This is a very clever version of a Cup and Ball routine, but it uses coins instead.
In fact, it uses a Canadian half dollar, which will certainly catch your spectator's attention, because it's different.
The Canadian half dollar is included.

Watch Peter's routine in the demo above to see what's possible with this kit.
And when you get your own, you will be surprised at the ideas you come up with.
Though we must admit, the routine Peter will teach you in the ONLINE INSTRUCTION is very strong!

This comes with ONLINE VIDEO instruction.
Peter Monticup developed this routine, and teaches it to you in the online video instruction.
You'll get the password to the instruction video after you purchase this trick.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to supply three ordinary U.S. half dollar coins.
Many of you already have some half dollars in your magic case.
If you don't, half dollars are readily available through coin dealers.
We also sell half dollars at

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Cup and Coins set (cup, Canadian half dollar, red ball)
  • ONLINE video tutorial instructions

You will need three ordinary half dollar coins.

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