Crystal Silk Cylinder With Silks
Produce loads of silks from a visibly empty tube!

Crystal Silk Cylinder With Silks


Produce loads of items from a visibly empty tube!
BONUS: Comes with THREE silks!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video


Our most popular silk production tube! And it comes with silks, too!


This is a really, really REALLY easy device for producing items such as silks, flowers, candy or prizes!

Or you can use it for changing one item into another!

Place several colorful silks into the clear tube.
Momentarily cover it with a yellow tube.
When you remove the tube, the silks have disappeared and the Cylinder is now full of balls, candy or a giant silk streamer!

This professional illusion is easy to perform and will get a BIG reaction!
If you can lift the cover off the clear tube, you can do the trick!

Plus, the Crystal Silk Cylinder is a generous size, ready for whatever you want to make appear that fits inside it.
This tube will hold a LOT!

The clear plastic inside tube stands 12 inches high and has an opening of 3 inches across.
The outer tube is painted metal, and the base is painted wood.


Though the manufacturer's video shows the production of live fish, we do not recommend doing that.
Please use this feature with caution and at your own risk.

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What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Crystal Silk Cylinder (clear tube, yellow cover, black base)
  • THREE different color 12" silks
  • printed instructions

You supply the items you want to vanish and produce.
Tube is 12" high and 3" in diameter.

Tips & Ideas

Learn How To Load Your Silks

When you produce your silks, you want them to "pop" up out of the production box or change bag like a Kleenex, so you can grab the next one easily, quickly and smoothly.
Here is a FREE lesson to teach you Monticup's personal technique for correctly loading your silks so that it works every time!

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