Crazy Tipsy Bottle
Comedy bottle- the neck tips when you try to pour!

Crazy Tipsy Bottle


Comedy bottle- the neck tips when you try to pour!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

It's CRAZY! Crazy and easy, that is!

Perfect for theatrical productions and comedy shows!
And it can pour liquid, too!

This crazy tipping bottle is a cleverly made piece of magic equipment that works all by itself.
As you tip the bottle to pour it, the neck swivels to stay in an upright vertical position, no matter how hard you try to aim it to pour!
There is so much comedy potential here!

Best of all- you can easily keep the neck from tipping, and you can POUR LIQUID from the bottle- with the touch of your finger!

The Crazy Tipsy Bottle is lightweight and well made.
The bottle is metal with a paper label.
The bottle matches the bottles in the Follow the Bottle set sold at
Bottle is about 9.75" high by 11.75" in circumference (measured around the body of the bottle).

And if you want to change the label, you can always create your own using your computer's printer and the self adhesive label sheets available at office supplies stores like Staples or Office Depot.

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