Crazy Cards
Choose a card- all the other cards become Aces!

Crazy Cards


Choose a card- all the other cards become Aces!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Really fast- really fun- really amazing!

Yes, this really is CRAZY!

Hold these cards in your hand in a long row so your spectator can see all of the values at once.
Let your spectator FREELY choose one of the cards (no force!).
He doesn't tell you which card, he just CONCENTRATES on that card.
You look at the cards as if to read the "energy" your spectator is putting into them.
You remove the card you think he's chosen, and place that card into your pocket.
You ask the spectator "Do you think your card is still in the row? Well, it can't be because--"
And you turn the row of cards toward the spectator so he can see that all the remaining cards have turned into Aces!

And there's more!
Where did those other cards really go??
Reach under the closeup mat, or into your pocket- and pull out the originaly cards that were in the row!

Very startling! A reputation maker for sure!

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