This long-forgotten Canadian slasher film from 1980 stars a post-HALLOWEEN Jamie Lee Curtis in another of her scream queen roles.
A 24-year-old David Copperfield plays a magician (no surprise!) who actually has a pivotal role in the plot of the movie.
This was before his famous TV specials in which he vanished a Lear jet and made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

The plot of the movie involves a group of pre-med students who hold a celebratory costume party aboard a moving train.
One by one, students get killed off by a maniac who then steals the victim's costume and impersonates them to target the next victim.

The plot idea is actually pretty good.
The actual execution and acting- well, maybe not so much.
But of course, David Copperfield gets to show off his magical skills several times during the film.
That alone makes it worth watching!

Card Manipulation and Lady Levitation

Floating Rose for Jamie Lee


Russell Younger

Date 8/23/2021

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