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Conde D'Aguilar

Count D'Aguilar, The Lusitanian Illusionist

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Conde D'Aguilar

  • 1909-1988
  • Real Name: Saul Aguilar Fernandes
  • Birthday: January 21
  • Birthplace: Portugal

"Conde D'Aguilar" is Portuguese for "Count D'Aguilar". The Count was a very successful European stage illusionist, enjoying the height of his career in the 1930's and 1940's.

Count D'Aguilar had a very distinctive performance style. He was always costumed in a tuxedo with a bright red sash across his chest, the sash displaying many medals as if he were a highly decorated member of royalty. His attitude matched his costume- he appeared very aloof, with an air of superiority and arrogant disdain for his audience. But the audience loved it.

His wife, Julia, was his onstage partner as well, billed as "July".

One of his biggest successes was his show called "El Mundo Imaginário" ("Imaginary World"), which debuted in 1949 and ran until 1954 at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid. The poster at left is from that show.

In 1954, D'Aguilar starred in a new magical production in Madrid called "Intriga e Humor" ("Mystery and Comedy"), a show written for him by Spanish illusionist Antonio de Armenteras.

Also in 1954, he appeared on Portuguese television in his own series, teaching simple magic tricks.

The famous Portuguese surrealist poet Alexandre O'Neill wrote a poem about D'Aguilar in 1979, titled "Homenagem ao Conde de Aguilar, Ilusionista".


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