Comedy Water Glass In Cone
Water poured into paper cone ends up inside the glass!

Comedy Water Glass In Cone


Water poured into paper cone ends up inside the glass!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Demo Video

Hey- isn't water supposed to be WET??!


Great comedy routine!
Your audience hopes that this will get really messy!

You start with a cone rolled from ordinary paper, like a newspaper- or even a scrap of paper like Peter uses in the demo.
Pour ordinary water into the cone.
Wait- weren't you supposed to put a glass into the cone BEFORE you poured the water in???
Better late than never, you put the glass inside the cone.
Unwrap the glass- and the liquid is now in the glass and the paper is completely dry!

If you can pour water out of any glass or container, you can do the trick!

No skill needed!
Use ANY glass or container to pour the water!
Use ordinary paper to make the cone, or use an ordinary paper bag!

Also comes with an EXTRA comedy routine you can do with an assistant

The Comedy Water Glass Glass is made of super transparent heavy plastic specially designed for this purpose.
This large size makes easily visible from a stage.
This is one of funniest kids-show tricks on the market!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Comedy Water Glass In Cone
  • printed instructions

You supply the water.
You supply the ordinary newspaper to fold into a cone.
This is a PLASTIC glass.

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