Measuring Time Comedy Watch - PREOWNED
Handmade comedy prop- a tape measure timepiece!

Measuring Time Comedy Watch - PREOWNED


Handmade comedy prop- a tape measure timepiece! ONLY ONE AVAILABLE




This crazy watch is a great comedy prop, for magicians and clowns alike!
Here is your chance to own a handmade one at a BARGAIN price!
We got this comedy watch from the estate collection of a retired amateur magician.

Worn on the wrist like an ordinary watch, you are all set to go.
When someone asks "What time is it?", you say "Oh- it's FIVE INCHES past SEVEN! Time to go!"
Or pull the tape measure out and let it snap back and say "Wow! Look at how the time flies!"
Or while you are waiting for your spectator to choose a card, you pull the tape measure and say "Do you need more time? I can stretch it out!"

CONDITION: handmade and used numerous times. Works smoothly, and velcro still works well.

Handmade item.
It's about 8" long, 2" wide.
Made of plastic with an adjustable velcro band.
Click to see a larger photo of the Measuring Time Comedy Watch.

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