DISCONTINUED Comedy Take Apart Vanish
Vanish a bird in a box, take it apart and the bird is gone! Or is it??

DISCONTINUED Comedy Take Apart Vanish


Vanish a bird in a box, take it apart and the bird is gone! Or is it??


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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WARNING: Disclaimer
I assume full responsibility for the safety of my live animal

Demo Video

Where did it go??


Here is a great way to make your dove disappear right before their eyes!

First, you carefully place the dove inside the box, and cover it.
Make a magical gesture over the box and -PRESTO! The bird is GONE!

Of course, the audience wants you to prove that the bird is really gone.
So, you remove the box lid.
Then you remove the back panel.
Then the side panels.
Then the front panel!
The bird is gone!

But WAIT---- is that a FEATHER we see behind the last piece??
And isn't that feather MOVING??

The joke is on your audience as you turn the last piece around to show that it is just a feather on a wire!
The bird REALLY IS GONE!!!

CAUTION! Disclaimer:

When you purchase this item, you agree that you will assume full responsibility for handling both the prop and your animal in a safe manner.
By purchasing this item, you agree not to hold MagicTricks.com responsible for the safety of your animal.
If you have ANY questions about the safe operation of this prop, please contact us BEFORE using it.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Comedy Take Apart Vanish box
  • printed instructions

You supply the live animal or spring puppet.

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