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Comedy Plush Zipper Banana
A banana with a-peel!

Comedy Plush Zipper Banana


A little banana friend to join your magic act!

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Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Cute plush banana has a-peel (get it??!!)


This little guy will help you be the Top Banana when it comes to comedy!

As all comedians know, the banana is the funniest prop you can use!
The Comedy Plush Zipper Banana is hilarious!

It's a simple little prop- a plush banana inside a zippered banana skin.
But what you will be able to do with it is limited only by your creativity!

Use it as a funny item to produce from a Square Circle or top hat!
Take it out of a lunch pail, and be surprised when it's not a real banana!
Use it as a cute ventriloquist puppet, like Peter does!
You'll have a great excuse to use all of your corny jokes!

This is an inexpensive little prop that will be worth its weight in comedy gold!

The zippers on this plush banana must be handled with care!
Yanking the zippers open and closed will BREAK THE ZIPPERS!

To open or close the zippers properly, HOLD THE TOP OF THE ZIPPER CLOSED WITH YOUR FINGERS.
Then slide the handle of the zipper up or down.
When the zipper is open or closed, THEN let go of the top of the zipper.
Watch how Peter Monticup unzips the banana in the demo video.
You need to help the zipper work smoothly, NOT force it.
We test all the zippers before we ship the plush bananas.
The zippers will be working when you receive your banana.
Sorry, we can't replace a banana if you break the zipper.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Comedy Plush Zipper Banana
  • NO instructions

And that's all you need!

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