Balls- Combo Large Set of 4
Set of four knit balls- one shimmed, three regular!

Balls- Combo Large Set of 4


Set of 4 knit balls- larger size- one gimmicked ball


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Here is the larger shimmed ball set you are looking for!


Set of FOUR balls- one has a shim (piece of metal that will stick to a magnet) inside.
This is the larger set- we also sell a smaller set (see below).

This set of four handmade special knit balls are correctly gimmicked for use with a Chop Cup or Combo Cups set.
They can also be used with a regular Cups and Balls

These balls are great replacements for the balls that come with the Chop Cup.
Keep a spare set on hand in case you lose one of the originals, or in case the original balls become worn or dirty.

This is a set of four balls only.
No instructions come with this set.
Use with your own set of Combo Cups or your own Chop Cup (not included).

We will ship RED balls.
If we are temporarily out of stock in the red color when you place your order, we will ship the color that is currently available.
If you are concerned about color choice, please contact us or call us at 590-832-0900 so we can assist you with what you need.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • set of FOUR LARGER diameter knit balls

BALLS ONLY. No instructions.
You supply the Combo Cup.
Balls have a knit covering.
One ball is gimmicked with a metal shim. The other three balls are regular.
Balls are approximately 1" diameter.
These are handmade, and vary slightly in size and shape.

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