Color Changing Paddles
Change the spots on a set of paddles- then change them AGAIN!

Color Changing Paddles


Change the colors on the paddles, then change them AGAIN!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

They won't believe their eyes!


Yes it happens RIGHT UP CLOSE!

Two paddles are in your hands.
One has a white spot, the other a black spot.
In a blink, you make the white spot turn black and the black spot turn white!

But wait a minute- your spectator thinks that all you did was twirl the paddles to show the other sides.
He thinks the white spot has a black spot on the back, and the black spot has a white spot on the back.

And now the magic happens!
Suddenly the black spot turns yellow, and the white spot turns blue!

Finally, the blue spot turns red, and the yellow spot turns purple!

Easy to learn, and lots of fun!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Color Changing Paddles
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Tips & Ideas

Performance Ideas:

This trick uses the popular PADDLE MOVE, which is explained in the instructions. Once you learn the Paddle Move, you can use it to perform tricks with ordinary objects. For example, since a pencil has writing on one side but not on the other, use the Paddle Move to make the writing disappear from the pencil, then reappear again.

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