Color Changing and Vanishing Candle
Change a white candle to a red candle- then make it vanish!

Color Changing and Vanishing Candle


Change a red candle into a white candle- then make the candle vanish!


Age Adults   Level 2

Elegant and impressive magic!

Display a tall WHITE candle. Instantly you can change it to a RED candle!
As a wonderful ending, you can make the red candle vanish and even change into a silk!

The trick may also be performed BY AN ADULT with the candles LIT.
Very startling, as a white LIT candle changes into a red candle that is also lit.
Use of fire is recommended for cautious and careful adults only.

The set includes TWO candles, one RED and one WHITE (both candles are different in construction and specially made for this effect).
You supply your own silk (optional- necessary only if you want to change the candle into a silk at the end of the trick).
If you want the candle to stand by itself on a table at the end of the trick, you can put it into your own standard candle holder.

If the candles are to be LIT, then this trick is recommended for adults only.
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