Color Changing Ball To Jumbo Square + ONLINE VIDEO
Red sponge balls turn into a black ball and a red cube!

Color Changing Ball To Jumbo Square + ONLINE VIDEO


Turn red sponge balls into a black ball and a red cube, right in your hand!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with expert tips from Peter Monticup!


Ages 10 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

Bonus Video

Watch the bonus video here

Comes with our BONUS online instruction video!
(available after you buy this trick from us)

PASSWORD REQUIRED - password link is EMAILED TO YOU on your Order Confirmation
Peter Monticup created an EXTRA online video EXCLUSIVELY for our customers who purchase this trick!
After you receive your password, watch the BONUS VIDEO right here. Just CLICK THE RED ARROW above!

This easy trick will turn you into a magician!


Picture this- a round red sponge ball is passed through your hand- and instantly, the red ball is gone, and instead there is a black ball and a large red sponge cube in its place!
Really easy to perform and can be repeated immediately!

Note: The sponges with this set may be too large for some children's hands to handle.
The Balls To Red Square has smaller sponges, and may be a better choice for small hands.

And this one comes with a BONUS!
Some customers have told us that the instructions that come with this trick are a bit confusing to them.
So owner Peter Monticup has made a BONUS VIDEO that shows you exactly how to do this trick!
Follow along as he shows you step-by-step:

  • how to make the sponges change colors and shapes
  • how to set up your routine so that it is smooth
  • how to make the sponges work easier (a trade secret!!!)
  • and more!
After you purchase this trick from, you'll receive a PASSWORD so that you can view the bonus video above, right from this page.
You can't get this online video anywhere else!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Sponge balls and cube set- red ball, black ball, red cube
  • printed instructions
  • BONUS: Monticup's online video instruction teaching you EXACTLY how to do the trick, plus how to care for the sponges

And that's all you need!

Customer Reviews

Easy To Perform and Impressive Trick
The Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square trick is both easy to perform and gets a great response from audiences. I would add that, since I am not the world's greatest magician, it can take me more than a few seconds to perform the one simple move needed to do this trick, so I tell my audience at the beginning of the trick that the illusion really requires a lot of concentration and encouragement, and then, when I get to the transformation stage, I ask them to shout something like You can do it! You can do it! as I fake putting a lot of effort into it. When I do the reveal, they are always surprised, and I tell them I couldn't have done it without their encouragement. Since, at the end of the trick the red ball has disappeared, I make it reappear with an In a Flash Box (sold here at that has been sitting in plain sight from the beginning of the trick (this requires an extra red sponge ball not included in the trick). I usually point out the box before I start the trick. One other thing: the bonus video includes a tip on something to do to the sponges before performing. I found that following that tip really did make a difference in ease of handling. Thank you!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from FL. on 1/17/2020
the trick itself is great
the sponges are made from quality material, and the trick is very simple to do. the only reason that I gave it 4 stars is because I collect magic tricks including the boxes that they come in. I pictured a box but came in a bag. I know that sounds petty but hey its an honest review.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Ohio. on 2/11/2019

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