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Coin Pedestal
Make a real coin vanish or change it into another coin!

Coin Pedestal


Make a real coin vanish or change it into another coin!

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Ages 5 and up   Level 2

Lots of magic for the money!

An easy, astounding trick that can be presented in a number of ways! This one is a lot more sophisticated and clever than you may think.

It's simple: you place a regular coin on the base, then cover it with a top that has been previously shown to be empty. You can make the coin vanish, change into another denomination coin, change into a small note, or magically turn itself over. All you have to do is cover the coin with the top, snap your fingers (for magical effect!) and take the top off- the magic has happened that quickly and easily!

Color of this trick may vary from the photo, depending on what the supplier is currently shipping.

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