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Coin Accessories

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Replacement releasing ring for unlocking gimmicked coins
Mexican style metal coin to use in coin magic effects
$3.49 $1.99
Store cards and coins safely- organize and carry for quick access!
Portable half round tabletop padded surface improves your magic performance!
Deliver coins to your fingertips- ready for manipulations or Misers Dream- NO SKILL!
Use this real English penny coin in many coin tricks!
Turn two coins into one, one into two, make the coin vanish and more!
Perform coin vanishes, transpositions and penetrations with this precision-made quarter coin shell!
Use this collectible coin in your favorite routine!
$3.99 $2.49
One hand operation lets you easily, safely transport your coins!
Store your coins safely- and even use this case to perform your coin magic!
Set of three different color metal coins!
With Peter Monticup's exclusive ONLINE color changing coin instruction tutorial!
Roomy, convenient on-the-go storage for cards, coins, closeup!
Includes bonus Coin Pouch and Card Wallets
Use these thin coins to make palming a group of coins easier!
Flat design! Safely store and carry your coins in this compact coin wallet!
Authentic centavo metal coin to use in coin magic effects!
Top quality bands last longer, are stronger, and are the right size for your trick quarters!
BONUS: Exclusive FREE instruction video on how to replace the bands
Make a US half dollar vanish and reappear in the palm of your hand!
Change a penny to a dime, make a dime appear or vanish and more!
Make a US quarter vanish in the palm of your hand- and more!
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