Coin Bender Set
Bend a REAL marked and borrowed quarter in your bare hands!

Coin Bender Set


Bend a REAL marked and borrowed quarter in your bare hands!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Demo Video

A "strongman" trick right in your own hands!


Can you bend a real quarter in your bare hands? YES- YOU CAN!

Imagine the surprised reactions you will get when you borrow any real coin from your spectators, then bend it right in front of their eyes!
The bent coin makes a great souvenir- they will DEFINITELY remember you!

Yes, you'll bend a REAL coin.
Yes, the coin is really bent.
The coin they give you is REALLY the coin you will bend!

You can use ANY borrowed coin with the Coin Bender.
It's all in the benders, not the coin.
Peter Monticup asks for a quarter because it seems thicker and more impossible to bend.
In reality, the larger size makes it easier for you.
A bent quarter also looks more impressive and is easier for the spectator to mark.

So how does this work?
Here's a hint: it's all in the Coin Bender.
This useful tool will secretly allow you to bend a coin, even while your spectator is watching you!

How strong do you have to be?
You'll have to use a minimal amount of strength yourself, of course, but most teenagers and adults should have no problem.
And though you can certainly bend any coin, quarters are easiest and seem to be the most impressive to use.

This set also has attached elastic cord to allow you to pin it inside your jacket sleeve.
If desired, you can bend the coin and then secretly release the bender right up your sleeve!
You can end your routine quickly and cleanly, with no dumping necessary.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Coin Bender set
  • printed instructions

You supply the coin- or better still, borrow one.

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