OSR Clown Costume Bag
Magically turn your child assistant into a clown!

OSR Clown Costume Bag


Magically turn your child assistant into a clown!


Ages 13 and up   Level 2

Turn the child into the star of your show!

Here's the effect: Let the child reach into a colorful cloth bag to prove that it is empty. Drop a silk handkerchief into the bag and ask the child is to wave a wand above the bag to make the handkerchief vanish. (You can have the child make several funny attempts before he is successful). Finally, the handkerchief really vanishes and in its place is a Clown's Hat. Place the hat on the child's head, then turn the bag inside out. The bag becomes a Clown's Coat that the child can put on to become an Official Magic Clown!

Please note: COLOR AND FABRIC WILL VARY! The shape of the jacket and the hat will be as seen above, but these are made with all different crazy and colorful fabrics.

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