Closeup Worker's Index Wallet
Carry, store and index your packet card tricks!

Closeup Worker's Index Wallet


Safely carry, store and index your packet card tricks!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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More than a storage wallet- it's an indexing wallet!


Super useful wallet!

Ever reach for one of your favorite packet tricks, only to find that you've mixed up the cards with another trick?
Or find that you've mislaid one of the cards?
Or even worse, that one of the cards has gotten damaged because you carried them loose in your pocket?

This handy card wallet helps you organize your packet card effects, and transport them safely.
Makes it easy to find the trick you need quickly.
Slim enough and inexpensive enough so you can carry several of them in your pocket at any time!

  • Card carrying wallet
  • Packet trick storage wallet
  • Indexing wallet
  • Switching wallet

Made of black imitation leather with stepped interior pockets, this case is an economical way to keep yourself organized and your cards safe and at hand.

The wallet can hold up to three packet tricks on each side.
It is meant for packet tricks, NOT for full decks.

And this comes with a link to printable instructions on how to use the wallet as an index!

Your package will say "MUM Wallet".
The wallet shown above IS the MUM Wallet- we just call it by a better name!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Closeup Workers Index Wallet
  • printable instructions

CARD WALLET ONLY. No cards are included.

The password and link to the printable instructions comes from the manufacturer.

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