DISCONTINUED Closeup Pad- Really Rugged BLACK
Really rugged pad stands up to the toughest performing situations!

DISCONTINUED Closeup Pad- Really Rugged BLACK


Really rugged pad stands up to the toughest performing situations!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

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The most necessary accessory in magic!


Perfect portable performing surface for those difficult situations!
Wet table surface?
Performing outdoors?
Rowdy audience?
No problem!
The Really Rugged Closeup Pad is your AFFORDABLE solution!

You need a closeup pad to perform many card and coin effects, but sometimes you are afraid that you'll damage your good mat.
The Really Rugged Closeup Pad is a WAREHOUSE FIND!
We got 'em at a discount, and we can pass the savings on to you!
Here is your chance to own an inexpensive knockaround pad that can stand up to abuse.
Yes, the pads may have some cosmetic imperfections (including fade spots, dings or glue spots), but these pads are ideal for the times when you need a closeup pad, but don't want to possibly ruin one of your more expensive ones.

Performing your closeup magic at a bar?
Performing for a rowdy or messy group?
Afraid that you will damage your good closeup pad, or that you'll lose it or leave it behind?
The Really Rugged Closeup Pad is INEXPENSIVE yet made to stand up to the toughest performing situations!

Performing on a wet table?
The Really Rugged Closeup Pad will protect your card and coin effects from wet, sticky, dirty surfaces.
Your cards will spread more smoothly, coins will be easier to pick up.
Effects like the Cups and Balls or the Three Shell Game require that you use a pad or the tricks will not work properly.

The Really Rugged Closeup Pad is super flexible, and can be rolled up or folded for easy storage.
Put it in a case or even your pocket to take to your next show!

The Really Rugged Closeup Pad has a velvety top and a padded non-skid back.
The pad is decorated with four applied playing card Aces (they are rubber-coated cloth).

Feel secure the next time you perform in a difficult situation- use the Really Rugged Closeup Pad!

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Really Rugged Closeup Pad - size is 17" x 14"

COLOR CHOICE: Black only
Pad only. No props or instructions.

Customer Reviews

Restaurant Worker
Nothing is worse than having someone spill a drink on your close up pad. I work restaurants and it happens all the time. Or I put my pad on a table and the table was wet. Just for curiosity, I got one of these pads and I am glad I did. It wipes clean, it is a nice big size and the padding is nice and thick on it. It seems to have a smooth finish on it so it even improves how my cards spread. It ended up being my favorite pad to work from. The only negative is that the four cards on the corners are separate stiff pieces of fabric that have been glued on. It would have been nicer if the cards were printed on the pad instead. But like the man says in the video, these are closeouts with minor imperfections so expect these not to be perfect. The quality of the pad far outweighs that fact. In my opinion, this is worth having because it is a really nice working pad that will hold up under the worst conditions.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from GA. on 8/21/2015

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