Closeup Pad- Apollo Tablehopper
Very portable 7"x12" cushioned mat perfect for restaurant work!

Closeup Pad- Apollo Tablehopper


Very portable 7"x12" cushioned mat perfect for restaurant work!


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Ages 10 and up   Level 1

Perform with confidence! Convenient 7"x12" size!

Perfect for the restaurant worker or strolling magician!

No need to ruin a card effect by placing your cards on a slippery or wet table again!
Perform with confidence- use a professional closeup mat!

Small enough to tuck into your closeup case or jacket pocket! And large enough to give you plenty of room to spread the cards or coins out.

Your card and coin effects work so much smoother on the proper surface.
The velvety top on this mat, combined with the padded non-slip backing, gives you a professional advantage that makes your moves easier to do.
Effects like the Three Shell Game and the Cups and Balls really NEED a padded mat to perform correctly.
This will do it!

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