Amazing magic tricks that can be done right in front of their eyes, close up and personal!

Closeup Tricks

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The Monte con game- with dominos!
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Solid pen becomes flexible like rubber!
$6.99 $3.00
Easily predict the chosen symbol! Different!
Popular effect made more vibrant- cups are bright primary colors!
Produce predicted card from a leather wallet, switch one card for another, more!
Instantly change a single black die into a tiny black one!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive additional ONLINE instruction with a very IMPORTANT TIP!
Instantly know the color of the stripes on a brass rod secretly hidden in a tube!
Know instantly which LETTER your spectator thought of!
Four individual sponges turn into a sponge shaped like the number 4!
Clever mindreading effect for kids!
Correctly name which animal your spectator secretly selected!
Instantly know which animal your spectator secretly selected! Clever method!
Know instantly which animal your spectator chose!
Produce a real 8 Ball from a flat card case!
Make golf balls appear, change color and GROW!
A cute smaller size foam bunny appears in your hand- or anywhere!
Change the color of this ring, right on your finger!
Classic Genii Vase made in DELUXE CERAMIC!
BONUS VIDEO: Comes with exclusive ONLINE instruction plus an extra trick!
Sink a steel ball inside a solid brass cylinder!
Produce a golf ball or other item from inside a tiny flat case!
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