Closeup Cases

Safely transport and store your valuable magic props in these clever cases, which also feature a performance surface!

*Closeup Cases

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Protect your valuable card decks from wear with this engraveable metal case!
Store your coins safely- and even use this case to perform your coin magic!
Ordinary looking seat springs high in the air with just a touch!
Slim design! Safely store and carry your coin tricks in this handy coin wallet!
Safely transport, organize and store your packet card tricks!
Chosen card appears in 3D on your finger!
Flat design! Safely store and carry your coins in this compact coin wallet!
One hand operation lets you easily, safely transport your coins!
Empty official older classic style Bicycle card box!
Jumbo size! Safely store and carry your coins in this flat coin wallet!
Safely carry, store and index your packet card tricks!
Elegant yet affordable protection for your favorite packet tricks!
Store cards and coins safely- organize and carry for quick access!

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