Clipped Card- Jumbo
Your spectator can never clip the RED suit card! JUMBO SIZE

Clipped Card- Jumbo


Your spectator can never clip the RED suit card! JUMBO SIZE


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

An amazing optical illusion puzzler! In Jumbo Size!

This one is nearly impossible to figure out!
Great for teachers and classroom use, too!

Show your spectators a set of five large playing cards.
What is interesting is that the cards are really printed as one solid piece- the cards can't move around.
Point out that there is a red suit card in the middle, with two black suit cards on either side of it.
Hand your spectator a paper clip.
Turn the cards over so the backs are showing.
Ask your spectator to put the paper clip on the RED suit card.
He will naturally put the paper clip on the card that is in the middle.
However, when you turn the cards face up again-
the paper clip is on one of the BLACK suit cards instead!
Let him try again and again- he will not be able to do it!

This effect is based on science and the way our brains perceive the spatial relationship of images.
You can either use it as an educational tool- or just have fun with it!

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