Clear Changer
Visibly change one bill into a bigger bill!

Clear Changer


Visibly change one bill into a different denomination, and more!


Ages 10 and up   Level 1

CLEARLY impossible! But CLEARLY incredible!

LIMITED STOCK! Get yours before we sell out!

Based on the Money Maker, one of our easiest and most popular effects!
But kicked up a notch!
Because you can clearly see right through the machine!

Everyone loves to watch magic with real money, especially if it looks like you can "print" money magically, or change one bill into a larger value bill!

And it's SO EASY!
Just put a $1 bill into one side of the Clear Changer.
Give the knob a twist- and watch as the $1 bill goes through the machine- and turns into a $20 bill!
The machine is CLEAR- so how is this happening??!!

You can also start with a black piece of paper the size of a dollar bill.
Just put a piece of blank paper in one side of the Clear Changer, and a real dollar comes out the other side!
Or put a blank paper in one side, and out comes a secret message!
Lots of tricks can be done with this, and it's completely automatic!
Absolutely no skill required!
If you can turn the knob, you can do the trick!

Comes complete with Clear Changer machine and printed instructions. Real money is not included!

THIS IS A MAGIC TRICK. It doesn't REALLY make money from paper.
You have to PUT YOUR OWN MONEY INTO THE TRICK FIRST, and then the Clear Changer lets you create the illusion that you have taken a plain piece of paper and changed it into real money.
A $10 bill will come out of the machine ONLY if you secretly put THAT SAME $10 into the machine first!
We get emails every day (really!!) asking us "Does the ink smear on the new money?" or "Can I spend the money that comes out of the machine?"
But it's a really really GOOD one!!

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History and Trivia:

The Money Maker trick was featured in the 1950 movie Bunco Squad, starring the famous magician Dante.

Interested in magic history? Visit our free online Magic Library, full of biographies of famous magicians plus lots of magic history and trivia!

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