What are cicadas, and why were we on the news with them??

Cicadas are VERY large insects that are noted for several things: they have prominent big red eyes, they make a really loud electronic-sounding buzzing, and they can live in colonies in the ground, emerging once every 17 years for their CicadaFest.

In 2013, they emerged from their rest in Virginia.
One of the first places they came out above ground was on our property.

The local Charlottesville news station sent a reporter out to do a story on the cicadas.
For about three weeks, the entire Central Virginia area was covered in buzzing, dive-bombing swarms of these huge insects.
They covered everything!
The noise was almost deafening.
And one morning we woke up, and they had disappeared- just like magic!


Mr. G.

Date 8/25/2020

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