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Change all the dots on a pen to the same color with a wave of the hand!
Make a whole deck of playing cards instantly vanish!
Turn a penny into a miniature penny- or turn a penny into a dime!
Make a metal nut unscrew itself from a bolt and penetrate right through a tube!
$7.99 $5.99
Make four cards change position, even though they are connected!
BONUS: Comes with FREE instruction video
Change the number of spots on a pair of dice, right in your hand, over and over!
Secretly switch one card for another with this ingenious pocket device!
The pictures come alive and grab the spectator's chosen object!
BONUS: Includes exclusive video with tips
BONUS: Includes Monticup's special cards
Turn a real dollar bill INSIDE OUT!
BONUS: Comes with EXCLUSIVE instruction video
Watch as a playing card visibly changes to spectator's signed card!
BONUS: you'll get an exclusive tips video- see exactly how to work this one!
Reveal three chosen cards in a deck that eerily separates by itself!
Punch two miniature pennies out of a real coin!
Bend a penny in your bare hands!
Randomly separated cards end up in piles perfectly matched by color!
BONUS: Includes exclusive secret tips video
Grab a solid bubble from a cloud of floating soap bubbles!
BONUS: Comes with Monticup's exclusive extra routine video!
Make a spectator's signed card jump to the top of the deck, then change the deck to a solid block!
BONUS: Includes a 52 ON ONE Card
BONUS: Comes with extra FREE instruction video
Touch a penny with the pen- the penny instantly changes to a miniature penny!
BONUS: Includes a FREE Pen Penetration!
Produce a giant aspirin from a small aspirin container!
Vanish the Aces from different piles- they all end up stacked together!
Wear a card-themed necktie that you can do tricks with!
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