Let's get into the holiday spirit with this Christmastime favorite!

Yes, this will get your toes tapping for sure!!

"Jingle Bell Rock" is a very popular American Christmas song first released by Bobby Helms in 1957.
It has received tons of airplay on the radio every Christmas season since then.


Tom Bohacek

Date 12/8/2020

It is always such a pleasure to hear you play. One time when I came down to the shop, you played your grand piano for me. I was thrilled. About three years ago, I met an instructor and had been taking piano lessons again. I took them through elementary school, and now I really love playing the piano, when I get the time. Thanks, I always look forward to a song from you every week.

Mr. G.

Date 12/8/2020

Nicely done, as usual... Thank you for some classic holiday song memories...??

Ricardo Sison

Date 12/9/2020

Nice. One of my favorite song at christmas time,. Your a good piano player. Thanks for playing it.


Date 12/9/2020

Sounds great! Looks like you had a nice size glass of wine to add to the joy of the season! Great Job! Ken

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