Performance: Actor Chris Pratt With a Great Trick

Posted by Peter Monticup on 5/22/2020 to Guest Performers

In 2016, actor Chris Pratt did a very entertaining card trick on The Graham Norton Show for musician and actress Jennifer Lawrence.
What makes this effect so great is that he goes "all in" with his expressions, his pacing, his physical gestures.
He is an actor playing the part of a magician!
His demeanor is perfect for this "Magician In Trouble" routine.
And listen to the reaction he gets at the end of the trick- all because of his presentation.
(See how Jennifer Lawrence tries to help Chris toward the end because everyone thinks Chris messed up the trick!)

The lesson to learn here- don't be afraid to be big and bold with your expressions. That's what makes this routine so entertaining.


Date 5/25/2020
Mr. G.
Good presentation and fantastic finish!! Great trick!! Thanks for sharing!!!!
Date 5/25/2020
James G Lipscomb
Thanks for posting this! I truly enjoy doing tricks "gone wrong." It makes the spectators laugh, and often the effect is all the more startling because everyone thinks the magician messed up. The thing is to really practice "getting it wrong." This was a masterful little demonstration of the technique.

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