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Chinese Sticks - LARGE
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Chinese Sticks - LARGE


Make the tassels on these sticks grow longer or shrink, with a surprise ending! LARGE SIZE

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Ages 13 and up   Level 2

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Big size for a small price!


Good Chinese Sticks are hard to find today!
We finally found one manufacturer who consistently makes good working sticks.
However, they ship different colors without notice.
We may get red sticks, then wood color sticks, then blue sticks.
We have no control over what color we get.
Whatever the color, these sticks WORK GREAT!
And that's what's really important!

The popular Chinese Sticks effect in a smooth operating LARGE size!
Not only are they easily seen from a distance, but you can use them close up as well, without fear of detection.

TWO magic wands with tassels are used for this great reaction-getter!
This is a classic magic trick, popular with both audiences and professional magicians for many years.
And for a good reason- it's an amazing and EASY trick!

This is how it goes:
Hold the two wands together in one of your hands.
When you pull the short tassel on one wand, the long tassel on the other wand becomes shorter!
So you do it again- pull the short tassel on one wand, the long tassel on the other wand goes up.
You repeat this until your audience eagerly shouts out that "the wands are connected" at the end held in your hand.
Amazingly, when the wands are completely separated, there is no connecting cord!
Yet even though the wands are clearly separated, pulling on the short tassel of one STILL makes the long tassel on the other become shorter!

Your audience will scream with delight!
SO SIMPLE TO DO- if you can pull the tassel on the wand, you can do the trick!

Stick color and tassel color may vary.

What You Get

Here's what you'll get:

  • Large Chinese Sticks (set of two)
  • printed instructions

And that's all you need!

Sticks are about a foot long.
Color of sticks and color of tassels may vary.

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