Checkout Help


Error message: "Your checkout information has changed. Please review your shipping options and try again."

Apparently, this is a caching issue with some customers' browsers.

Error: The SUBMIT ORDER button does not work properly.

You should get a THANK YOU page after you click the Submit Order button.
If the page simply refreshes, and you are still on the Checkout page, the order was not submitted.

Error: Your credit card or debit card transaction is declined.

This means the credit card processor has rejected your payment.
If you are using a debit card, some card companies place a temporary "hold" on the transaction amount WHENEVER you try to use your card.
If you immediately look at your card account, you may see that the bank is holding that amount.
We do not have your money- the card company still has it, and will release it back to you shortly.

Error: Your THANK YOU page asks you to send payment for your order.

This means that you chose "Pay by check or money order" as your payment option.
If you chose this by mistake, and intended to pay by credit/debit card or PayPal, no problem.
Simply place your order again and this time chose Credit/Debit or PayPal, and submit payment.
There is no need to cancel the first order. It will automatically cancel when payment is not received.